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Mens Levi's® jeans

Levi's® Red Tab™ and SilverTab jeans and clothing for men

Denim Express is committed to helping men find the perfect pair of jeans. We know that for a guy, finding a comfortable pair of jeans isn’t all about choosing the right size; it’s also about finding the right style. Fortunately, there are many different styles of men’s Levi’s® jeans to choose from. Check out our style guide that details the features found in the wide range of Levi's products. We're confident that you will find Levi's® to fit your individual life style. Style Guide

Style Guide
One of the classic styles of Levi® jeans is the Levi’s 501™ Original line. Virtually synonymous with the word “jeans”, the 501’s™ have been providing unmatched style and comfort to men from all walks of life for decades. The 501’s™ feature a buttonfly instead of a zipper and are available in a variety of different colors. You can choose either pre-shrunk or shrink to fit fabrics.

If you’re looking for a closer fitting pair of jeans, Denim Express has a great selection just for you. With Men’s Slim Fit 512™ jeans, and Skinny Fit 511™ jeans, you’re getting a traditional looking pair of jeans with a snug comfortable fit throughout the entire length of the pants.

Snug not for you? An alternative to close fitting jeans is the 505™ Regular Straight Fit jeans line. Men’s Regular Straight Fit Levi’s® jeans offer a bit more “breathing room” while still maintaining that traditional look. The Regular Straight Fit 505™ jeans are an extremely popular style and have kept men looking sharp for years.

For a more relaxed fit, the appropriately named Relaxed Fit 550™ jeans may be right for you. Relaxed Fit Levi® jeans provide a great balance between the traditionally styled jeans, and the roomier comfort driven styles. If you’re looking for the best of both worlds, the 550™ line is perfect for you.

If it is in fact the more comfort driven styles you’re looking for, look no further than 560™ Comfort Fit jeans, Silvertab® Baggy Fit jeans, or Levi’s® Carpenter jeans. Each of these styles offers the ultimate in range of motion and leg room. Since they all maximize your level of comfort, deciding between these styles is only a matter of personal preference in terms of appearance.

Denim Express offers a number of other specially styled jeans. The Levis® 527™ & 517™ Boot Cut jeans are specifically designed with a wider cuff which makes them easy to wear with boots. There are also Straight Fit Levi’s jeans which come in a variety of different styles including Slim, Loose, and Relaxed. Denim Express also offers Big & Tall Levi’s® jeans in almost every style. Not only do we want to help you find the right jeans, we want to help you find them at right price. With everyday low prices and Free Shipping on all orders over $70, Denim Express is your source for savings on high quality jeans.
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