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Carhartt Lining Insulation Guide

Our Carhartt Lining Insulation Guide is designed to help you in selecting the most appropriate lining for your new Carhartt coat or jacket. The different lining options are listed in order of lightest insulation to Carhartt's premium Arctic insulation. As with any information, the guide is our opinion of each of the linings and the suitability to different climates.

Fleece lining - Fleece lining is a lightweight 100% polyester fleece that provides three season warmth. Can be suitable in winter if worn in layers with a sweatshirt or thermal underwear.

Blanket lining - Blanket lining is a midweight insulation utilizing a heavy flannel blanket material. The coats constructed with blanket linings typically have blanket insulation in the body with nylon quilt lining in the sleeves.

Quilt lining - Quilt lining is found on a lot of Carhartt bibs and coveralls. Typically a red nylon, occasionally black, is quilted to a midweight polyester fill insulation. The quilt lining is suited to a wide range of temperatures and activity levels.

Sherpa lining - Sherpa lining is a nubby, soft pile material that provides lots of warmth without being overly bulky. The sherpa material is made of 70% acrylic and 30% polyester. The jackets made with sherpa linings typically have sherpa insulation in the body and hood with nylon quilt lining in the sleeves.

Flannel lining - Flannel lining is a heavyweight insulation consisting of soft flannel material quilted to heavy polyester filling. It provides a terrific amount of warmth without being overly bulky. Jackets with this lining typically have flannel lining in the body and hood with quilted nylon lining in sleeves.

Arctic quilt lining - The Arctic quilt lining is Carhartt's warmest lining material. Black nylon lining is quilted to artic-weight polyester insulation. This lining is popular for extremely cold climates or where activity levels are lower like ice fishing.

Carhartt Lining Insulation Guide

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